Thursday, June 6, 2013

Melissa Shirley Field Trip

Recently, my LNS, 2 the Point, went on a "field trip" to Melissa Shirley's studio.  Well, at least that's what I told my husband.  It was actually a shop till you drop trip.  Terry Christopher, owner of 2 the Point,  organized the trip.  We took a cute little bus there, had a yummy lunch, and then a special chance to meet John Johannsen and tour his studio too!  Melissa and John - all in one day; I was in needlepoint heaven!

I think one of the best things about going to Melissa's studio (besides meeting Melissa - and yes, she really is a delight) was being inspired by all the finished pieces she had on display.  I took tons of photos and wanted to share some of the finishing that I saw.

These are one of Melissa's 12 Days of Christmas series.  I love how these were finished with the side detailing. Instead of being a flat ornament, these were about 1/2 inch thick with ribbon and beading detail.  I think the thickness added to the luxury of these ornaments.  Wouldn't it be nice to have all 12 on your Christmas tree?

Here is the partridge from the same series.  I just love the way he was stitched.  I do believe that there is a stitch guide available for all 12 ornaments.

Also finished in a similar fashion, were these beautiful angels.  These are a little thicker than the 12 Days of Christmas and have an adorable rickrack trim.  Towards the bottom of the picture is a pear which had at least an one inch gusset, so it could stand on it's own, as well as hang from a tree.

Here is a close up of the side.  Isn't it adorable?  I don't think I will finish an ornament flat ever again.

Doesn't everyone need a wreath filled with needlepoint ornaments?  My front door has a large glass insert, so when I hang our Christmas wreath outside, we see it's shadow from the inside.  I think I need a wreath just like this to hang inside the house.  This way my front door looks good from both sides. 

I love the gingham check ribbon.

Here is one more from this series.

Here is the last of the Christmas themed canvases.  When I first saw these canvases, I thought they were nice, but they didn't knock my socks off.  Well, let me tell you, these are beautiful in person!  They have definitely made it onto my must stitch list.  I love the shabby chic bases that the finisher used.  However, I think I will use a darker base for mine, so that it fits in with my home decor.

A big thank you to Melissa and Terry for making this trip possible.  I had such a great time, and did a little stash enhancing too!

I have more photos to share with you  Watch for my next post, when I share Melissa's fall themed canvases.
If you want to see any of the above canvases, visit Melissa's website.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I'm still working on a Melissa Shirley Santa that I began many years ago. I need to fall in behind you on your goal to finish the stocking by Sept. 1. It's the Woodland Santa, and I'm so close!

    1. I'm sure you can finish it by Sept 1st. I think the big problem is being tempted with all the other canvases we have! Keep me posted on your progress.