Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day Weekend, I decided to have a stay-cation, so that I could focus on stitching (and maybe a little gardening). The main canvas that I want to work on is my daughter's stocking. I started stitching it about five years ago, and have half of it done. It really should have been completed by now, but I've let other canvases take priority. My goal is to turn in this stocking to the finisher by September 1st.

When I first saw this Melissa Shirley stocking, I knew it would be perfect for my daughter. Ever since she was three years old, my husband would dress up as Santa to deliver all the Christmas gifts. At first, my daughter, Alexandra, was frightened by his visits and would run back to her room to hide under the covers. But as the years passed, Alexandra and her brother would look forward to the annual midnight visit. They would leave the typical cookies and milk out (and carrots for the reindeer). Later on, they set up the camera and video camera to capture the moment.

By the third grade, I was fairly sure that they figured out who Santa really was, but the kids continued to play along for a few more years.  Probably out of fear that Santa might not deliver presents if they didn't believe.

Now with the kids in college, Santa has hung up his coat and hat, but only temporarily. He is hoping to resume his visits when grandchildren arrive.

Here are a few more close up photos of the stocking...

I started stitching the holly with random long stitches in three different colors of Splendor. I then used a Kreinik #4 braid for the center vein.

I love how the candles have turned out. Terry Christopher suggested this stitch, as well as, most of the stitches for this canvas.

Santa's suit is being stitched in a combination of Splendor and Soie Cristale. I've used Burmillana for the fur trim. I would be very happy if I could finish Santa this weekend!

My other goal is to finish the chair. All the flowers have been done in Petite Velour. The green will be done in  silk.

What will you be stitching this weekend?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Three Days of Stitching Bliss Part II

The best part of the Austin stitching retreat was meeting all the talented stitchers.  These ladies were so much fun, that I for one, spent more time talking then I actually did stitching!  But that's okay because it was wonderful making new friends and seeing what everyone else was working on.  Here are some photos of many of the stitchers and their projects. There were a few people whom I didn't photograph.  Sorry Mom!  Yes, I even forgot to take a picture of my mom and the cute nutcracker she was working on.  Wish I would have checked my camera before we all left.

Our stitching retreat has already been scheduled for 2014.  Only 11 more months until I get to see my dear friends again.

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three Days of Stitching Bliss

I remember when my children first created their own Facebook accounts.  I warned them of the dangers of posting too much information and most of all, to be very careful of who they met online.  So what did I do this past April?  Well, I flew to Texas to meet eighteen women who I had met on Facebook.  And boy, am I glad I did!

The retreat took place at the Needle Works in Austin, Texas.  Colleen Church was such a gracious host, and her staff were ever so helpful. I didn't get a picture of the store front, but you can see it here on the cover of a stitch book that Colleen gave to everyone.

The Needle Works has one of the best classrooms I've ever stitched in.  Three walls are all windows which lets in tons of natural light.  There were also extra lights and magnifiers at each table just in case you might need one.  I wish I took more pictures of the classroom, so you could see how wonderful it is.

Our stitching retreat was coordinated by the lovely Naomi who in my book is pretty fantastic.  She made sure that everything ran smoothly, and did a great job at spoiling us all.  Naomi put together the cutest gift bags for everyone, but the piece de resistance were our name tags.  She embroidered twenty, yes twenty, gorgeous name tags.

 Here is a photo of Naomi on the left and Colleen on the right.

Stop back in the next few days to see what we all stitched during the retreat.  

Happy Stitching!

Friday, May 10, 2013


I can't believe I am actually starting a blog.  When I told my kids what I was going to do, they thought I was crazy.  "Who would want to read a blog about needlepointing?" they said.   Little do they know!

I hope you enjoy accompanying me on my stitching journey.  And if you have any thoughts or ideas please comment, I'm looking forward to reading them!