Thursday, June 13, 2013

Halloween with Melissa Shirley

It wasn't so long ago when you would have been hard pressed to find a Halloween canvas.  Well, not anymore.  Halloween is second only to Christmas canvases and the margin is narrowing.  It's easy to see why - these Halloween canvases are so darn cute!  When I visited Melissa Shirley's studio, I fell in love with all her Halloween and fall themed canvases.  Here is a glimpse of what's available...

When you first enter Melissa's studio, you are greeted by this lovely cabinet filled with needlepoint.  (Who needs dishes! lol)

Hanging from a knob is this whimsical skull.  It was finished so that it could be filled with candy or other Halloween delights.

Isn't this adorable.  I love how the pumpkins just jump off the canvas.  I didn't notice this while I was there, but I think some of the pumpkins might be appliqued to the canvas.  At least that's how it looks in the picture.

This little guy just makes me smile.  It's a small canvas that would stitch up in a weekend. There are lots of different "monsters" available.  Imagine a row of them trick or treating across a shelf in your home....

This witch was fantastic!  Look at all the great stitches and fibers that were used.  I'm not sure what fiber was used for the straw sticking out of her hat, but it is really effective.  And the frog is the cutest.  His tongue is sticking out and looks three dimensional - maybe a picot stitch

On top of the cabinet, were these fun Halloween decorations.  The wooden stands look great and are a smart way to display needlepoint.  And doesn't everyone need a witch's house made of needlepoint?  I'm thinking that I do! 

Also on top of the cabinet was this great hat.

These two houses were not stitched, but I can just imagine how they would look all finished.  They are smaller than the larger houses that Melissa is known for, but just as cute.

This Indian maiden was one of my favorite canvases.  Here is a close up...

Everything about this canvas was just exquisite!  I think I definitely need to add this to my stash.

I have a few more photos to share with you, but they will have to wait until next time.  I need to get busy and get some stitching done.  Hope you have a great weekend.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Hi Monica, love your photos, and how lucky to be able to visit Melissa Shirley's studio. I would love to do that one day.

  2. Sheena, if you ever have a chance, I would highly recommend it. It was a lot of fun meeting Melissa and seeing her work space.